My new opera YKCYC (Uksus) is premiering next year here in San Francisco, after the Klagenfurter Ensemble workshopped a German version, opening the new Theaterallianz festival in Bregenz. See the video on the right and down a bit for the jazzed-up Divan Song.
The Opera America Songbook includes my Home, with illustrations. The CD and score are both available at various retailers. The performers are pretty fabulous.
Mordake CD is out, digital versions all over: iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, MySpace and physical versions on cdbaby, Amazon.
The Missa CD - A beautiful, evocative and meditative setting of the Latin Mass written for Kimberly Brockman and the orchestra and choir of the Baroque Cathedral in St Gallen Switzerland - is out and available at CDBaby and iTunes.